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20 Best ads network for new blogger and Publishers

20 Best ads network for new blogger and Publishers

Have you been looking for a reliable and affordable advertising network that can help you monetize your content while staying within your pocket?

Look no further because we’ve got you covered with the best ads network for new blogger and publishers.

The advertising industry is constantly evolving, which means that the best advertising networks change too.

That being said, the following niches list will be updated regularly to provide you with the most up to date list of the best advertising networks for new bloggers and publishers.

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is one of the best advertising networks for those who are just starting out in the world of blogging.

They provide bloggers with some of the most competitive rates and flexible ad formats offered by any other company.

Google AdSense is a great choice for new bloggers because it is so easy to start making money, even if you don't have any experience with digital marketing.


Ezoic is a popular advertising network for new bloggers and publishers because it offers the following features: 

  1. Heavy and light bidding
  2. Conversion through lead targeting
  3. Targeting by geography, demographics, interests and more
  4. Ad units available in 300+ formats
  5. Dynamic content insertion (DCO) with multiple programs.

why choose Ezoic?

  • As a best advertising network for new bloggers and publishers, they offer reliable ad placement at an affordable price.

  • Additionally, Ezoic also offers complete transparency as you can see how each of your ads perform in real time. You can also see the cost of your traffic or leads.

  • You’ll be able to track your ROI with ease and that’s what makes this one of the best advertising networks for new bloggers and publishers.


PropellerAds is an online advertising network that provides a variety of ads for publishers and bloggers.

They offer something for everyone with three different types of advertising plans. While not the most expensive, it still gets the job done.

What makes PropellerAds stand out from the rest?

  • Universal Ads: This option allows publishers to create, manage and personalize their ads. They can make all the necessary changes to suit their needs, while also creating campaigns in various formats (text, image or video). 

  • Native Ads: With this plan, you get personalized ads that are designed to look like natural content on your page. The ads are designed to fit seamlessly into your website’s design and layout.

  • Exclusive Ads: This is a premium ad plan that takes care of the whole process for you by handling everything from start to finish without any input from you required.


One of the best advertising networks for new bloggers and publishers is Taboola.

Taboola offers a variety of ad formats that are perfect for any sized publisher because they offer both text and video ads.

The price per thousand impressions (CPM) range from $0.40 - $5.80, which means you can select the right price for your business needs.

Taboola also offers a detailed reporting dashboard that allows you to see which of your ads are performing the best and make adjustments accordingly.

They also have a variety of helpful guides on how to maximize your use of Taboola, like how to use their technology with Facebook Ads Manager or how to set up retargeting campaigns with Google AdWords.

Another reason why we love Taboola is because it has pre-created templates in different sizes, which means you don’t have to spend time designing or editing your ads before uploading them onto the platform.

It also makes it easier for anything non-designers, who might not be able to create compelling ads on their own, as they can simply upload their marketing images into one of Taboola’s templates and have an article created automatically!.


Revcontent is an advertising network for publishers and bloggers that want to monetize their content.

As a publisher, you can upload your content, tell the Revcontent team what kind of posts you’re looking for, and then wait for your ad to start generating revenue.

On the other hand, if you’re a blogger, they will have pre-made text articles which include images, links, captions and more. You can sign up for free and get instant approval to start earning money from your blog today.

Revcontent is one of the best advertising networks for new bloggers and publishers because it offers a variety of different ad formats that are all designed to be eye-catching and appealing to readers.

No matter what type of content you have posted on your site or blog, there will be an ad format that will work well with it.

They also offer a wide range of ad placements such as banners at the top and bottom of the page, instant article ads in between posts,

sidebar ads on either side of the main article or post on your site or blog, top article ads at the top of each post or articles on your site or blog,

sponsored posts directly below each article on your site or blog so that people who don’t follow you already know there is something more coming below this article (similar to how Facebook works),

sponsored videos that are watched all the way through before you can see what comes next without having to click out - these ads are.

Amazon Associates

When you want to make money from your blog, the Amazon Associates program is a great place to start.

You can earn up to 10 percent commission on products that you link to on your website.

Plus, as an Associate, you’ll have access to valuable data that will help you understand what your customers are looking for and how they behave when they visit your website.

What we like about this advertising network for new bloggers and publishers is that it’s an easy way to monetize your content without having to sell your audience anything. Plus, it’s free and it doesn’t take long to set up! is an advertising network that specializes in serving display ads to websites and mobile browsers.

Their platform offers advertisers a number of targeting options, including geo-targeting, contextual targeting, and behavioral targeting. uses real-time bidding (RTB) technology to serve ads in milliseconds.


RevenueHits is an ad network that helps you monetize your website or blog by displaying targeted ads. 

It’s an easy process - you simply add a few lines of code to your website, and then Revenue Hits will provide the ads to display.

Revenue Hits takes care of all the advertising, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

RevenueHits is a performance-based ad network, which means that you only get paid when you generate results.

We work with a vast array of advertisers, so we can always find the right ad for your site.

offer a variety of ad formats, including display, video, and text ads. You can also choose the size and location of the ads.

she has a wide range of targeting options, so you can make sure that the ads shown on your site are relevant to your audience.

There are a few different ways that you can make money with Revenue Hits.

You can earn money every time someone clicks on an ad, or you can earn money based on the number of impressions that the ad receives.


Mediavine is a company that helps content creators make money through online advertising.

They work with a network of over 10,000 websites and serve over 1 billion ad impressions each month.

Mediavine places ads on websites and pays the website owners based on the traffic they generate.

They have a variety of ad formats and are always looking for new and innovative ways to monetize content.


Adsterra is a premium ad network that serves over 10 billion impressions per day. 

Adsterra works with major publishers and provides them with high quality ad inventory.

offer a variety of ad formats, including banner, video, interstitial, and native.

It has a team dedicated to providing excellent customer service and making sure that publishers make as much money as possible.


Adversal is a leading native advertising platform that helps publishers and advertisers connect to deliver high-quality, effective and profitable ad campaigns.

The company has a long history of helping online publishers monetize their traffic and has been a part of the online advertising industry since its inception.

Adversal offers both an intuitive self-serve platform for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as an enterprise-level solution for larger organizations.

The company has a wide variety of ad formats and targeting capabilities to ensure that each campaign reaches its desired audience.

Adversal provides access to over 5,000 high-quality websites and apps, including Forbes, The Huffington Post, and The Wall Street Journal.

Adversal's cutting-edge technology ensures that ads are seamlessly integrated with the look and feel of the websites and apps where they are placed.

This results in ads that are more engaging and less intrusive than traditional online advertising methods.


If you are a publisher or marketer looking for an advertising solution, BuySellAds is definitely worth checking out.

They are a self-service advertising marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of ad space.

 Publishers can use BuySellAds to sell banner ad space, text links, and sponsored content.

Marketers can use BuySellAds to find quality websites to advertise on, as well as to buy traffic from.

BuySellAds has been operational for over 10 years, and it has grown to become one of the largest advertising platforms in the world.

Over 25,000 publishers and 2,500 marketers use the platform to connect with each other.


Monumetric is a website analytics company that helps businesses measure what matters on their website.

They do this by providing data on website traffic, user engagement, and conversions.

This data is essential for businesses to understand how they are performing online and to make changes that will improve their website’s traffic, engagement, and sales.

Monumetric also offers a suite of tools that help businesses track their website’s performance over time.

This allows businesses to see how they are improving (or declining) and to make the necessary changes to ensure that their website is as successful as possible.


AdThrive is a company that provides solutions to publishers for monetizing their websites and creating a better user experience.

AdThrive was created in response to the growing demand for quality ad space on websites.

Publishers often have to choose between ads that are low quality or intrusive, or else not monetizing their content at all.

AdThrive provides a solution that allows publishers to fill their ad space with high-quality ads while still maintaining control over their website.

including video ads, native ads, and display ads.

AdThrive also has a team of experienced media buyers who can help you place your ads in the right places to reach your target audience.

AdThrive also helps to improve the user experience by serving only one ad per page and by using ad technology that does not slow down the website.


PlugRush is a comprehensive advertising network that serves as an effective marketing tool for businesses of all sizes.

It provides an easy way to generate traffic and sales by displaying ads on a wide range of websites across the internet.

PlugRush allows you to place ads in minutes, and its user-friendly interface makes the process simple and straightforward.

You can target your audience by location, demographics, interests, and more.

And with real-time reporting, you can track the performance of your ads and make adjustments as needed.

If you're looking for an effective and efficient way to market your business online, PlugRushis that connects ad buyers and sellers.

Advertisers can buy traffic by bidding on ad spaces on publisher websites. Publishers can sell traffic by setting up ad campaigns and selling ad spaces.


Infolinks is a global, in-text ad network that helps you get your content in front of the right people, at the right time.

take a data-driven, audience-centric approach to ad products. That means focus on viewability and attention as key metrics for success.

help website owners and app developers increase viewability and audience attention, and better monetize their traffic with patented in-text ad products.

the only company that can offer both viewability and audience attention as key performance indicators (KPIs) for customers.

This is because partner with the world’s leading measurement providers, including Integral Ad Science (IAS) and Moat, to offer verification of our viewability and attention metrics.


AdHitz is a traffic monetization platform that enables website owners and bloggers to generate revenue from the traffic they generate.

Advertisers can create ad campaigns and target their ads by country, category, or keyword.

Website owners simply embed a few lines of code on their website, and AdHitz takes care of the rest.

AdHitz then serves the ads to the website visitors and pays the website owner for every click on the ad.

 Advertisers only pay when their ads are clicked, so there is no risk involved. Advertisers can also target their ads by country, state, or city.


BidVertiser is an online advertising network that connects advertisers with website publishers.

BidVertiser allows you to place text and banner ads on your website and control the advertising that is displayed.

BidVertiser has a self-service platform that makes it easy for you to create and manage your ad campaigns.

You can target your ads by location, audience, and type of ad.

You can also set your own budget and schedule your ads to run on specific days and times.

BidVertiser is a great option for small businesses that want to promote their products and services online.

BidVertiser has been operational since 2004 and is headquartered in Germany.

The company has over 800,000 publishers and serves over 5 billion ads per month.


Outbrain is a content discovery platform that helps publishers increase traffic to their websites.

The company’s services include content recommendations, audience insights, and brand safety.

Outbrain has over 650 customers, including The Guardian, The Atlantic, and Reuters.

Publishers can use Outbrain to recommend their content to other publishers’ audiences.

Outbrain’s algorithms analyze each publisher’s website and recommend the most relevant content to their readers.

Outbrain also provides insights into which pieces of content are performing the best.

This data can help publishers optimize their content strategy.

Outbrain is a great way to increase traffic to your website.

It works by showing your readers related articles from around the web after they finish reading one of your articles.

This helps keep them engaged with your content and exposes them to new sources of information.


Adnow is a native advertising network that helps website and blog owners monetize their traffic by serving relevant and unobtrusive ads.

Adnow is the best way to make money from your website.

It is very simple to use and you can start making money from your website in just a few minutes.

Adnow is a good option for small websites that want to make some extra money.

Adnow provides a variety of ad formats that you can use to monetize your website.

You can choose the ad format that best suits your website.

Adnow also has a wide range of ad campaigns that you can use to sell traffic.

You can select the ad campaign that best meets the needs of your website.

Adnow is headquartered in London, UK, and has been operational since 2014.

Adnow works with over 100,000 websites in over 200 countries.

The company has a self-serve platform that makes it easy for publishers to get started.

Publishers can create an account, add their website, and start generating revenue.

Adnow pays publishers on a CPM basis, and the company has a wide range of ad formats to choose from.

Conclusion: There are a number of different advertising networks available, and it can be difficult to decide which is the best for you.

This article examined some of the best ad networks for new bloggers and publishers.

By understanding the differences between the networks, you can choose the one that is best suited for your needs.